Changing your Fingerprints

You can cut your finger a thousand times, but the finger prints will "grow" back the same almost every time. Sorry, it's hard to change, unless you change your genetic makeup.

You can, however, place a scar over the ridges. To do that, you'd have to damage the dermis layer of skin. That one goes way deep, to cut it off would pretty much slice your finger in half. And even if you cut it pretty deeply, the covering scars will still grow back as tiny little dots.

Dots. That's all they are. I've seen a few pictures of people who tried to change their prints. Learned enough interesting things for a lifetime in one semester of Forensics Investigation. But yeah, before scarring, just normal prints. After, you get these little dots anyone with 2 eyes and a brain can match the scarred to the unscarred print.


When you scar your prints, it makes you stand out like a neon sign. In the US, there are countless hundreds of thousands of people with the sworls and ridges similar to yours. But people with the scars, that's something rare. The scars mark you, forever, and you'll stick out like a 1985 Beetle with shiny new spinning rims. Eww.


  1. very interesting. eliminating your finger prints would be totally pointless. and ridiculously painful.

  2. I cut my finger pretty deep but not deep enough for a scar but when it was healing i had to get fingerprinted for security and i had a big "scar" on my index finger. Now that its healed i cant enter the buildings with that finger anymore. but luckily i got all ten of my fingers printed hahahaha

  3. Wow that's some interesting reading there. I Same goes with other body parts too I suppose like the eye.

  4. I dont think I'll ever do this but I will support supporters.


  5. Good things my fingers are pretty awesome.

  6. thats cool, i actually wondered, so i suppose to fake them you'd need to cover them.

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  8. The easiest thing to do must /b/e chopping it right off!