Basics Of Personality

In everyday life, we are subjected to parodies.

Parodies are criticisms and witticisms created by often intelligent people, trying to change the world through exaggerating problems or faults of a certain subject.

the problem with parodies is that people tend to forget that they are indeed parodies, in fact many try to live a clearer example of the very parody making fun of them.

The truth is, the biggest revolutions and advancements go unnoticed-or are made popular for the wrong reason.

Role playing bad examples is not restricted to television, but to all medias, to anything subject to disillusion.

In fact, I don't believe small children are as controlled by television as adults.

As children we're pushed to extinguish the imaginary, and realize the reality.

As adults we are completely void of imagination and nearly all creativity. Because imagination and emotion are parts of true intelligence, there are few geniuses and few "revolutionists" or world-changers.

revolutionists however, as well as geniuses are nothing more than socially accepted-psychos.

Insanity is definitely tied to over-emotion as well as over-imagination.

As well, insanity is simply the effects of human traits often considered faults(emotion and imagination) pushed to their extreme.

All "normal" beings are subject to being controlled, is it not true that we are all controlled by the unlimited amount of ads and advertisements blasted at us through television and radio 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

If most of us wasn't controlled and actually bought the products advertised why would they spend millions to put it out?

Therefore, we must accept we can be controlled by others.

Even if it seems like their influence is limited in the fact that the most it can do is:

1 annoy us.

2 stop us from reading our newspapers.

3 stop us from watching television.

4 stop us from listening to our radios.

5 cause us to be hateful to telemarketers and salesmen.

6 make us spend the cash needed on their products

6 reasons are actually quite a few, but remember, I never said being controlled was exceptionally horrid.

The fact that we can control others also means we can be under that control ourselves.

the purpose of this text isn't really to show you how to control others, its suppose to show you the general idea of "social engineering".

I'll add some "stereotypes" later on which all too often are quite common in the society of today.

First, back to the topic before- adults and their television lives. You may have asked, "How could adults be more affected by television than children?"

Adults have money, usually they have credit cards or bank accounts. Grown-ups have power, they are rarely patronized and on rare and "unfair" instances are considered small and insignificant.

Lets take a look at how adults and children look at "mature" things they see in the media.


Children see violence as one of the three usually, scary, painful(they relate to things they've felt, if they see someone getting killed they may the impact of a very very painful bruise) or completly ignore it and only see the good or bad intentions.

Adults are the ones who see violence as a horrid, extremely life threatening thing.

As well they are more open to the taboos of the world (i.e, violence is distasteful because the blood involved is disgusting).


I believe children largely ignore sex scenes on television, else-wise they approach it with some curiosity, as well they probably consider sex scenes as love scenes, this is due to the romanticized sex on television today.

adults see sex, as a deep connection in love-relationships, as fodder for their sexual greed, or as a very dirty, extremely naughty and distasteful thing.

Illegal Drugs

Drugs destroy an original person, they create something new.

Whether what existed before the rebirth was better or healthier than the finished product is different in each situation.

However, simply the fact that some feel they must change-even for an hour or six hours is a common misconception, you do not need chemicals nor outside substances to change your self.

A drug induced change is slowly born with every breath, every thought, every injection.

These examples are all taboo in nearly every society on earth. As it is seen in a lot of instances, some people will outright blast something with no proof its actually harmful.

If they have no proof that is is indeed a bad thing, it can likely be assumed that they secretly enjoy it and are ashamed of liking it.

As well, these antagonists exhibit physical signs much like liars or very secretive people do.

How do you tell if someones lying?

First, look in their eyes, if they look away or if they look forward yet have a mischievous glint in their eye you have reason to suspect that you are being mislead.

If they nervously tap their foot, wring their hands and/or blink nervously or exhibit compulsive behavior, it should definitely be considered that they are lying.

Stereotypes - The Teenage Girl

We all know this type, I want to make this text short so I'll go through a summary.

Age: between 13 and 17

Religion: almost always wiccan or pagan.

Sexuality: almost always bisexual or lesbian.

Teenagers are pushed to rebel, they create their own ideology, and usually would rather die than part from what they believe.

In many ways they are like mature adults. Unlike mature adults, they never shut up and they usually have less information to back themselves up(going back to the child scheme of things).

If they rebel against the norms of society, they actually create a reverse product, where they consider their opposites to be abnormal themselves.

Thus the rebels are turned into the very people they opposed.

They are often easily broken down where pressure is applied in the right place- such as their belief system.

The Shy One

They seem socially imbalanced, can't speak well, possibly are manic depressive or suffer from other rather normal mental "defects".

Its hard to trust someone like this, they hide a lot of their true feelings so you won't usually know if they are murderous until they actually kill you.

They are sensitive in the social aspect, as well they often scream for attention in a very discreet way.

The Maintained

Leaders, carefully groomed and pedicured.

Marketed daily as model citizens.

These people are often hit in their money belts, they are extremely caught off guard when surprised because they are not used to changes.

That's all I've got for now, there's much more but I'm too tired and lazy to write all my opinions down.


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