So, you've come this far, time to gain a little insight. This article is unedited by it's author, the ideas are free flows of thought, simply ignore what doesn't make sense to you as I may not have communicated it in a way that your brain can perceive and understand. Form your own ideas.

You are not special. You are an animal running primarily on animal instincts. You posses only the illusion of free will, what will be will be. The reality which you live in exists only in your head, it is nothing more than a distorted simplified version of the true reality, something which no person can actually exist in. Everyone lives in their own reality. Nothing you say or do will have any effect as time passes, other than as a step towards the future, which will come to pass and be forgotten just like you. Any god you worship is nothing more than an illusion, a method of control put into place by the authorities. Nothing is "true" or correct.

You are not special:

There are 7 billion other humans existing in this moment alone, each of whom has their own aspirations and dreams, rules, morals, beliefs, families, troubles, etc. Nothing about you makes you any more or less important than the person beside you. Get over yourself, learn some empathy.

You are an animal running primarily on animal instincts. You posses only the illusion of free will:

Human beings evolved from animals, wrong. Human beings are animals, we just consider ourselves superior and apart from "the animals" because we are smarter (in a sense). To use an analogy that you may be able to grasp, all life is like a computer program. Each organism follows a set of rules governed by their DNA (programming), they receive input (additional programming), and then give feedback, or output based on the input. When you are first born you have only your DNA to give you output based on the input (your experiences). As your experiences build, the programming of your mind builds too, and then all input is sorted through your DNA and your previous experiences. All of the output you give seems like a choice you're making (out of free will) but is really simply the only choice you can make based on you programming. This illusion of free will makes people that much easier to control; an intelligent person can manipulate another by programming them verbally (giving them experiences) to get a desired result, and the person being manipulated still feels as though they are making the decision, even though the decision was modified based on the reprogramming done by the other individual. If you can become conscious of the fact that you lack free will, you can fight against people trying to program you, don't worry if you cannot see that you don't have free will, your programming simply won't allow it.

Everyone lives in their own reality:

There is a universe in which we all reside, but where we live is our own heads. We take this universe in through our 5 senses (potentially we lack additional senses which would help us perceive a fuller understanding of the universe) as electromagnetic signals sent through our nerves. All of these inputs are filtered by our programming, sorted and stored. Everyone has different programming, so everyone filters, sorts, and stores the exact same event in the universe differently in their own reality. This reality exists as the completed, simplified picture we have inside our heads, a picture in which we are the center. Why do you think it was so easy for humans to universally agree that we are the center of the universe, we're all the center of our own reality. Your reality is different than someone elses, they cannot fully understand the reality you are living in just like you cannot understand the reality they live in. This means you can't "figure people out" like so many ignorant mind readers do (minding reading is the socially accepted standard of making assumptions about someones internal thoughts and feelings, their "reality" based upon their external reactions which are filtered through your reality, meaning the external action they generate from their reality is not the same as the one perceived in your reality, as the programming is different. don't make assumptions about people). This also means that no matter how hard you try, you can never fully communicate with someone, besides the language barrier alone their is the barrier of different programming in each brain. When you communicate do the best you can to get your point across, never assume someone understands in the slightest, because when you assume that, not only have you assumed incorrectly, you've given them room to make assumptions about what your saying that is not what you're trying to say, they fill the blanks in with their own ideas which they assume are yours.

Nothing you say or do will have any lasting effect: You cure a disease, another disease comes along to take it's place. Nature is a balance of cycles constantly wiping away the previous to be replaced by the new. The universe is one extremely complicated chemical reaction, beyond the understanding of any man. Everything that you do, regardless of whether you deem it big or small, important or not, has roughly the same effect in the end: it's just a building block onto the next chemical reaction. Every one of your ideas is like a molecule of oxygen bonding with some hydrogen to make some water, which will then be broken back down, on and on and on; your initial contribution will always be lost into the whole which will constantly modify itself, every action is just a stepping stone in a never ending reaction. Even though some things will leave a more noticable effect that may seem to last longer, eventually it will mean nothing.

God is an illusion: There is no higher being who watches over every human making sure that what they do is right, and that people doing the wrong things are punished. There is no reward for living a good life other than the self satisfaction of not being an asshole. The idea of god programs those that are succeptable to it to be far more malleable to those controlling them. It's like having a leash on an already obediant sheep. By believing in god, you do less harm to those around you, you accept your given life regardless of your station, and you constantly work hard today for a tomorrow that will never come. This turns people into more productive machines, obeying the rules set out by their controllers under the guise of god. Work hard, don't question the tasks which you do, be a hardworking slave for little money, donate a portion of that little money away, be thankful for anything that you do have, don't question why other people have more than you, repent your sins and they will be forgiven. All this does is ensure people are less distracted from their task of generating wealth for the controlling powers. Stop being a cog in the wheel of greed.

Nothing is "true" or correct: Everything that is labelled a fact is simply a globally accepted view of the world. This doesn't mean it is correct, it just means it makes sense based on all the other "facts" that came before it. Really, they are all simplified versions of the true facts of our reality, which none of us will ever be able to see, due to a complex nature which is beyond human understanding other than in simplified (and therefore incorrect) versions. The earth is flat, no it's a perfect sphere, no it's flattened out in the middle because of it's rotation. The "facts" of life change every day based on new findings. The only condition of any fact: it must make sense logically to a human when it is meshed in with the other "facts" that came before it. This is why ideas that may be more true than the ones we have, but do not mesh with a large group of older facts, don't always get accepted. People do not want to believe that what they believe is wrong, or could be more right, therefore they dismiss a fact if it is too complicated for their understanding, or does not "mesh" with their other "facts". Everything you believe is just a convoluted mess of ideas that, to human logic, make sense, regardless of how true they are in reality. This is why the facts of an individuals reality do not correspond with the true nature of our reality; yet people think they are correct. Thankfully, some of our simplified observations about the world that are semi correct have allowed us to do great things, like all the sciences. science is far from correct, but the knowledge that we build up allows us to better manipulate the things around us. If we knew the truth about the physical matter of our reality, we could do literally anything.

Finally: The only certainty in this life that you have is this moment right now, right NOW, this is all you have. Don't waste your days hoping that after you die it will all get better, don't waste your youth hoping that when you're older it will get better. Life is always as good or as bad as it gets, don't let the days pass you by living for tomorrow. Don't be afraid to believe in things. Sure you may not be totally correct and aligned with the true reality, but no one can do it. You need to believe in the things that make sense to your programming if you want to be happy, believing in nothing gives you nothing, no reason to get up. Don't be afraid to care about anything that you feel you should care about. If you care, it means it's something that your programming dictates you should do, so do it. The only way to be truly happy is not to conform to others, but to conform to yourself. Don't feel bound by the rules that others enforce, or you will contradict the rules of yourself; when this happens you feel nothing but grief. A perfect example is drugs. They open your brain to a whole variety of experiences not possible in any other way, they alter all your filters, essentially putting you into a new reality for a short period of time. If you enjoy a drug, but feel bad about doing it because other people tell you not to, you won't feel good when you're trying to enjoy the new reality which it allows you to experience. All the rules of other people are just attempts to make you a slave so they can profit. If you do drugs you're not spending that time working hard, no one is making money off of you. Do you think that there is enough material in this world for everyone to have a big house with a big lot and 2 cars? this only exists because a large fraction of the population slaves away while the rich reap the benefits. Don't be a slave to your controllers, don't let them control you. Think for yourself, be yourself, question anything anyone asks you, there is always some nature of selfishness behind it. Most of all, do everything within your abilities to be happy for the longest period of time. Don't ruin your future because you concentrated too much on the present (many teenagers throw their lives away in highschool because they don't realize that soon it will be over and they must switch from being a dependant to making their own way in the world), don't ruin your present because you concentrated too much on the future: every day that passes seems slightly shorter due to the relative scale of your whole life. when you've lived one day after one day, thats your whole life, when you've lived one day after 10000 (approx 27 years), it doesn't seem as long. If you waste all the longer seeming days in hopes of brighter shorter seeming days, you've really blown it. find your balance. Have fun today, but remain proactive about tomorrow, don't let the happiness of others jepordize your own.

Most important of all, breathe


  1. words of wisdom to live by... thanks!

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    "God is an illusion" :)


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