Things To Do When Extremely Bored

  1. Workout
  2. Create a web site (a good one)
  3. Write out your idea for a business (write down any possible problems and the solutions for them)
  4. Get a g/f
  5. Create your own "get rich" scheme
  6. Sell shit on ebay for 3 times it's worth
  7. Experiment with fireworks
  8. Create a costume
  9. If you don't like the business idea or "get rich scheme" you could always plot how to take over the world.
  10. Read a good book.
  11. Draw a picture.
  12. Find a food recipe online and try to make it.
  13. Set up a server and share your files.
  14. Learn a new OS like Linux.
  15. Create a program in the language of your choice, then sell it to any idiot friends you know.
  16. Learn to play guitar.
  17. Learn to play drums.
  18. Learn to play (insert instrument here).
  19. Join a sport.
  20. Dye your hair and style it into something cool (then post pictures and get flamed)
  21. Learn to hack.
  22. Go to google.com and research conspiracies or read the news and educate yourself.
  23. Start your own message board and make a feeble attempt to top Totse.
  24. Create a flash animation and submit it to random flash websites.
  25. Watch movies (sign up for Netflix, or go to local rental store)
  26. Go to cafepress.com and design your own t-shirts and coffee mugs, then sell them.
  27. Make prank phone calls.
  28. Become a consumer whore - go to every retail store you can think of and just "look" at all their products.
  29. Get a job and work 50 hours a week.
  30. Play Everquest or Dark Age of Camelot.
  31. Build a radio.
  32. Write a book.
  33. Build a fort.
  34. Buy a science kit and try to turn it into a meth lab (or just use the science kit normally).
  35. Rent a video game and try to beat it.
  36. Make a movie with your digital camcorder.
  37. Get a CD player or MP3 player, load up some good tunes, turn up the volume really high, and walk around your neighborhood. Study your environment, watch the animals, breathe the air, listen to your music and walk in rhythm. Ponder the meaning of life, close your eyes and pretend to walk on another plane of existence.
  38. Take some prescription drugs that will knock you out. Go to sleep and try to dream, or have an out of body experience. If you succeed, keep a journal, write down your discovery, and submit it online to be discussed.
  39. Watch TV and study the commercials. Try to pick up on subliminal messages.
  40. Buy a HUGE lego set and attempt to build something. (Alot of them have step by step guides)
  41. Redesign your room.
  42. Go (pretend) vampire/ghost hunting. Wait until midnight, wear dark clothing and bring night equipment (read the night ops thread in the Totse forums). Bring a camera, or better yet, a video camcorder. Find an abandoned house or a cornfield, or any other interesting areas to explore. Go with some friends, or go by yourself. Create a documentary and pretend you're in the movie Blair Witch Project. Watch a scary movie or documentary before heading out to get the psychological effect going. Pick up on every suspicious thing you see. Be sure to film all your greatest moments. That morning, watch the film, edit it, put in some creepy spy music, and show it to all your friends. Do this every night, create your own series, and post it on the web site you made. If it gets popular, you'll be too busy maintaining your web site to even come close to boredom.
  43. Create your own music. Obtain music creation software, or buy an expensive musical keyboard and record it to MIDI onto your computer. Put your work on your web site for all your friends to listen to. Maybe start your own band or group. Sell out, make money, and never be bored again!
  44. Lock yourself in your room and get extremely drunk. Set up a web cam so all your friends and pedophiles can watch you. The next morning, watch the video and notice all the stupid/funny things you do when you're drunk. Remember this the next time to go to a party.
  45. Create your own elixir, make it do something magical like increase your speed, your strength, your stamina, or your intelligence. Rely solely on the psychological effect. Sell it online or to any of your stupid friends. Once they discover that it's not real, deny all of it and move on to a different trade. Keep all the money you made to start your new trade.
  46. Start a mailing list. Send out funny jokes, stories, pictures, interesting links, web blogs, news articles, game reviews, etc. Once it gets popular, put ads in your emails and make lots of money. Start your own pyramid scheme for your stupid friends. After all this, you'll wonder why you didn't scam your stupid friends before, isn't it profitable?!?!
  47. Create an explosion and record it on video. Put it on your web site.
  48. Socially engineer a rumor. Make it something extremely interesting and controversial. Tell all your friends, and tell them to tell everyone else. This is a good way to get back at someone you really hate.
  49. Create your own hoax. Develop several fake news web sites and post them on the internet and search engines.
  50. Create your own boredom list and submit it! Fight the war on boredom!!!

by Trace


  1. If I had the money I'd go with the lego thing. Those are fun

  2. i prefer: go visit the blogs of people who were kind enough to visit the 16th Parallel.

    thanks again! KG

  3. hmm, your post gave me something to think about...

  4. Totally building a fort.


  5. I made my own elixir once...

    things did not go well.

  6. Get a GF is NOT a solution to boredom... it is a cause of it!

  7. very interesting! need moar posts from you...

  8. ATM Withdrawal...doesn't hafta b. Get the 'right' girlfriende and you'll have trouble keeping up! ;D

  9. Rolling back in...digging the "create a video" of an explosion and put it on my website...BOOOM

  10. loleerrss all good ones :P


  11. Now that's a list to abide by, haha. I already have a girlfriend, but sadly with how our schedules are we don't get to see each other too much. I could use some further boredom killers.

    BTW, I like your blog layout. It's quite unique.

  12. Did you make this list yourself? Nice.Showing some support for a follower.

  13. I just noticed that you have a J icon instead of the blogger icon for your site.

  14. list is full of truth


  15. number 6. Trying it and testing it right now and it's working a treat for me. Know a market and go crazy.


  16. Interesting, sure i will be considering some of these tips.