I want to talk to you about what might SEEM to be a very simple word..and that word is "goals".

How many people do you know in your life who even HAVE goals? Longevity studies show that people with goals live much longer lives. Goals are not just a concept. Goals are life giving! A group of doctors in Boston did a study on goals. They discovered that people without goals got sick FIVE times as often as those who HAD goals!! Before the Universe can give us anything from the abundant supply that exists for us, IT HAS TO KNOW WHAT WE WANT!!

Goals are our way of telling the Universe what we want, expect, and believe we deserve in our life.

Let's take a trip, all of us together. We get on a bus and drive to the nearest airport, we DE-BUS (love that word!), hop onto our aircraft and take off! It's dark, and all of a sudden it starts to rain. THEN it starts to hail! Lightning begins to flash! Thunder rolls!

Suddenly our Captain begins to talk to us over the intercom. (Naturally he has a deep resonant voice.) He says: "Welcome, success seekers, to flight 104. We will be flying at 30000 feet. We have NO particular destination! We're just gonna fly around in this storm for awhile till we get low on fuel, then we'll look for a place to land!"

How many of you are excited about flying with this guy??

Ok. Let's jump off the plane and get on a sailboat. It's a warm, sunny day with a gentle breeze, all the potential for a wonderful, marvelous time. BUT OUR SAILBOAT HAS NO RUDDER! What are we gonna do? We're gonna drift aimlessly.

What do you want your life to be like? What is your direction? In order to begin to manifest that life we have to make a decision. We have to begin to aim high. We WILL rise to the stature of our goals! Our mind is a "goal seeking" mechanism which can produce any level of living for us. We have SUCH enormous capability to achieve any level of living that we desire. BUT FIRST WE HAVE TO HAVE A DESTINATION, A DIRECTION, GOALS!

Within a torpedo there is a mechanism which puts it back on course if the currents of the water pull it away from its destination. Our mind is like that mechanism. Your mind can bring any goal into being. Dream dreams beyond anything you have ever done or believed you could do, and your mind will immediately begin to produce it for you. And the really wonderful thing is that we don't even have to know HOW it will happen! Our subconscious MIND knows how! Like the mechanism in a torpedo, it will keep us on course.

Make a decision to change your life. You can CHOOSE a new life experience, and until you DO choose, nothing much NEW is gonna happen.

Begin to let your mind soar! Expand your mind and your world! Be a dreamer! Aim higher than you have ever aimed in your life. You don't HAVE to know how! How doesn't count!!! The subconscious mind knows how! The only thing we have to do is DECIDE and let our mind work on it.

Understand this too. There is NO SHORTAGE OF ANY GOOD THING ON THIS PLANET!!! Love, money, gas, spiritual growth, material abundance, the supply far exceeds the demand! We ask too little. If we ask life for a little picky share.. we will GET a little picky share! We have the power to select the future we will stand in the midst of.

Here is what I want you to do. Get a piece of paper, a legal-sized pad is great! At the top of this paper write: "THE WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, EXCITING LIFE OF.. (Your Name)"

Now write down every goal you can possibly think of! Write down everything you have EVER wanted!

Forget about how! Just write down your wildest imaginings! Allow your mind to soar! Forget the past! Just write every goal, objective, desire that comes into your mind. Travel.. love.. money.. career success.. that new house..new car! ALL OF IT!

DON'T THINK ABOUT how! Don't be logical! Just dream! Think about all the things you could ever want to have or do or become or experience and write it ALL down!

Set goals that feel right to YOU, not ones that would please the family or your friends or even the goals that you "should" want. Play your own music!

Imagine that you had a magic wand and that you could wave it over your life and make it anything you wanted it to be. This list can BE that magic wand!

What would you bring into being? What would you produce for yourself? What's the biggest dream you ever had? Write it down!

We are expanding our mind..expanding our thinking.. opening our mind to higher possibilities. How would you like it to be???

What would make your life FUN? You have the power to choose it! You chose what you have NOW! You have the power to choose something new.

There are no limitations for your mind. It can produce just about anything you can imagine.

This exercise can change your life because most people never establish ANY objectives.

Think big! Expect a lot! In the fullness of time.. we can accomplish anything! Aim high and enjoy the now!

Now, from your list, grab a couple of your most important goals. Print them on a 3x5 card. (PRINT!! Printing is clearer to the sub-conscious mind).

THEN put down a first step you can take to accomplish this goal, even if it is a small one. Like going to the library and getting information on your chosen goal. Or talking to someone who has already ACHIEVED a similar goal to see how they did it and what tips they can offer you.

Put the cards where you see them every day! All day! "We become what we think about all day long". When you think about your goals, your mind is literally moving you in that direction.

Another tip. Keep your goals to yourself for awhile unless you are certain that those you share them with will support you totally! People who don't have goals of their own might say: "YOU?? YOU'RE GONNA DO WHAT?? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!! YOU GOTTA HAVE A DEGREE FOR THAT DON'T YOU????"

Don't subject your goals to criticism or ridicule. Keep them to yourself for now and just let people see the results!

Did you know that scientists tell us that the Bumble Bee can't fly!?? It's aero-dynamically IMPOSSIBLE, because the Bumble Bee's wings are too small and too thin for its body. IT SIMPLY CAN'T FLY!! But the Bumble Bee ALSO can't HEAR..so what does it do??? IT FLYS!!!

We gotta tune out the negative stuff and take charge of our lives and our mind. There is lots of negativity and garbage in society..and if we don't take charge of our life, the garbage is gonna filter into Our minds.

There are a lot of sick, broken, unhappy people in life. How did they get that way? God did it to them?? SHE DID NOT! They believed what people with no goals said to them..and they absorbed their garbage. GIGO..garbage IN..garbage OUT!

Keep your eyes on your goals! Keep your eyes on your dreams! FEEL how it would be to see those dreams come to pass. No limitations. The Universe would LOVE to prosper you!

And the more you succeed, the greater will be your example for others. We NEED to demonstrate growth and success and achieve goals to feel worthwhile about our life.


I BELIEVE in your ability to create the highest possible life experience for yourself!


by JaniceJ


  1. Hey nice blog man! Showing some love =D


  2. That was truly inspirational! Great read!

  3. My goal...to get a job and live a stable life.

    I already have the women I love but i dont think things will work out between me and her

  4. Haha, loved it! I will go for it, you too!

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  6. Writing down goals definitely does help. Even with short term ones. I'll be feeling like my head is full of fuck and I have so much to do (and not getting any of it done, but once I write it down, it all happens with ease.

  7. my goal is to make me happy

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  9. Replace the plane with a boat and I'm sold lol